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Parenting and Breast Cancer

Being a parent is hard enough, never mind having to juggle parenting with breast cancer. Our chat on 4/13/15 will cover some of the challenges. Lori Marx-Rubiner and Heidi Floyd share their thoughts here. Please add to the conversation, here and during the chat! T1: How did you explain your cancer diagnosis to you kid(s)? How […]

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#BCSM Spotlight – Heidi Floyd
On: Mar 11, 2015
By: bcsmadmin

Tell us about your breast cancer experience, including diagnosis and treatment Found the tumor myself, needle biopsy results were clear.  My oby/gyn pushed for a lumpectomy, just to make sure.  My family history had breast cancer in every generation, maternal side. Diagnosed  at 36, pregnant with my 4th child. Chemotherapy during the entire 2 and […]

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Guest Post: Heidi on Time
On: May 8, 2013

This week’s guest post is from Heidi Floyd.  Dr. Attai had the chance to meet with Heidi last week.  Heidi is a breast cancer survivor and shares her incredible journey in this powerful piece, Time.   TIME He was with me for exactly 4 and ½ seconds.  My memory is that of a few short, […]

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