Live, from the HIMSS Patient Engagement Summit… it’s Alicia and Casey!!

Join us on Monday, February 9, at 6pm PT | 9pm ET for a special #BCSM chat from the HIMSS Patient Engagement Summit in Orlando FL. #BCSM leader Alicia Staley and Casey Quinlan are both in Orlando to participate in two panels at the Summit about the current state of patient engagement, and how to improve the doctor/patient relationship to amp up patient engagement.

T1: What’s your definition of patient engagement?
T2: What are the barriers to engagement in your “patient experience”?
T3: If you could do ONE. THING. to amp up patient engagement, what would that thing be?

Link to HIMSS Summit agenda  – we’re Day 2, Feb. 10

You can find Alicia on Twitter: @stales, and at Awesome Cancer Survivor
You can find Casey on Twitter: @MightyCasey and at Mighty Mouth Blog

2/9/15 Tweet Chat Transcript