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Understanding Lobular Breast Cancer

This week on the #BCSM chat, we’ll hear from  about Lobular Breast Cancer. The #BCSM team is pleased to share this guest post from Diane Mapes, @double_whammied: When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in early 2011, I was clueless. Clueless that there were different types of breast cancer. Clueless that mammograms weren’t foolproof. Clueless […]

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ASBrS 2017 Lymphedema Panel
On: May 8, 2017
By: Alicia

Thank you to Dr. Kimberli Cox for submitting this review of the Lymphedema Panel at ASBRS 2017. The panel, a multidisciplinary (breast surgeons, plastic surgeons, radiation oncology, LE therapists, PMR and our own Alicia Staley) international group presented their findings and recommendations. Stated goals were recognizing the issue, the possible lack of a definitive solution, […]

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Update from ASTRO
On: Oct 1, 2016
By: bcsmadmin

The American Society for Radiation Oncology recently held their annual meeting. Dr. Matthew Katz, a radiation oncologist in Lowell, MA, provides us with his interpretation of several of the studies that were presented. For more information from Dr. Katz, follow him on Twitter: @subatomicdoc. Technique Radiation treatment for breast cancer is usually with 3-dimensional (3D) […]

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Introducing Cancer Harbors

Guest Post by Alene Nitzky Cancer Harbors™ introduces an interactive online service designed to meet the needs of people who have recently completed cancer treatment. The low-cost program is ideally designed for the needs of early stage breast cancer survivors, but those with other types and stages of cancer will benefit from nearly all of the […]

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