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Happy Birthday to #BCSM!
Jul 5, 2015

The first #BCSM tweet chat was held on 7/4/11. When Alicia Staley and Jody Schoger set up the first chat, they specifically held it on a holiday – if it was a dud, maybe no one would notice! Over the past 4 years, the tweet chat has evolved into a vibrant support community, providing education […]

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#BCSM Spotlight – Dr. Dana Abraham
On: Jun 24, 2015
By: bcsmadmin

Why does connecting on social media matter to you? I love connecting on social media for a variety of reasons.  I use Facebook for most of my personal posts.  I was one of the early Twitter adopters, but not for medicine.  When other docs started joining, I was ready to broaden my interests, and joined the […]

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All Hands On Deck – The Metastatic Breast Cancer Project

Guest Post by Corrie Painter, Ph.D We are at a point in history where the promise of transformative discovery is so real, that scientists are driven like never before. The tools and methods that we are developing have greatly increased our ability to answer questions that were once considered so challenging that they were never […]

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#BCSM Spotlight – HIS Breast Cancer

Sir, You Have Breast Cancer! Just imagine hearing those words as a man, or a woman about her father, husband, son or any loved one! HIS Breast Cancer Awareness was formed by a sister and brother in 2010 as a fully credited nonprofit organization to bring education, awareness, prevention and lifestyle assistance to anyone dealing […]

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