#BCSM Spotlight – Young Survival Coalition
Jul 15, 2015


Who is your target audience?
Young women diagnosed with breast cancer age 40 and under.

What is your mission? How do you make it happen?
Young Survival Coalition (YSC) is the premier global organization dedicated to the critical issues unique to young women who are diagnosed with breast cancer. YSC offers resources, connections and outreach so women feel supported, empowered and hopeful. Among other services, YSC:
• Provides information, resources and support from diagnosis through long-term survivorship;
• Educates and empowers young women to be their own best health advocate;
• Works with healthcare providers, researchers and legislators to educate them about the unique issues young women face,
• Advocates for more studies on breast cancer in young women and access to quality care.
Through it all, YSC helps women find meaning, comfort and hope during one of the most challenging experiences of their lives.

Tell us about the history of your organization
Established in 1998, Young Survival Coalition is the oldest and largest national nonprofit organization to focus exclusively on the unique needs of young women affected by breast cancer. Founded by three young women all diagnosed before the age of 35, who felt discouraged by a lack of resources available to them and concerned about the underrepresentation of this population in research studies.

What are your top 3 priorities?
Education, advocacy and support.

How is your organization unique?
There are more than a quarter of a million living in the U.S. today who were diagnosed with breast cancer before their 41st birthday. Increasingly, evidence suggests that breast cancer before ago 40 is biologically different from the majority that occurs in older women. There is no effective screening tool for women 40 and under because they have dense breast tissue.

How can people get involved?
Connect to your YSC Region and volunteer with YSC! Through outreach, local support, advocacy and education, there is something for everyone. Email info@youngsurvival.org to get involved

Who can volunteers contact?
YSC supports and educates women throughout the U.S. in four regions. To volunteer with us, please contact a Regional Field Manager.
• Medha Sutliff, Northeast Regional Field Manager: northeastregion@youngsurvival.org
• Christina Stephens, South Regional Field Manager: southregion@youngsurvival.org
• Mollie Toland, Midwest Regional Field Manager: midwestregion@youngsurvival.org
• Nicole Taylor, West Regional Field Manager: westregion@youngsurvival.org



Date: 15 Jul, 2015

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Date: 15 Jul, 2015

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Date: 15 Jul, 2015

RT @BCSMChat: The #BCSM Spotlight shines on @YSCBuzz http://t.co/vzWlZwIIy7

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