#BCSM Spotlight – Mommys with Cancer

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Who is your target audience?
The target audience of Mommys With Cancer are moms who are having or have had an experience with any type of cancer.

What is your mission? How do you make it happen?
Our mission is to provide ongoing support and resources to Mommys with Cancer. We provide a safe stage for on-going communication and support for mothers who not only face the daily challenges of parenting, but who do so before, during and following the treatment of cancer. We make this happen by providing a free monthly meeting open to anyone who would like to come. We provide free supervised childcare to our members so they don’t have to worry about who is going to watch their children when they take time for themselves.

In addition to the emotional support we provide, when necessary we also attempt to connect our members to resources such as financial assistance for medical services, meal assistance as well as resources to serve their children.

Our History
Mommys With Cancer was born from my personal need for support with and a connection to women diagnosed with cancer and like myself, undergoing the grueling effects of treatment while caring for little ones.

The group has since evolved into a membership of women from all stages of treatment including post treatment and remissive diagnosis. The make-up of these women range from different ethnicities, careers, including stay at home moms, as well as different socioeconomic backgrounds. All are welcome to participate.

How is your organization unique?
Mommyswithcancer.org is a very unique organization in that it provides a safe and comfortable place/forum for moms to share and learn from one another. Additionally, we provide childcare. The childcare is on-site at the monthly meetings which take place in Northridge, California. The kids participate in fun and memorable activities. There is no age limit.

Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?
In five years’ time, I would like to see less need for support groups such as Mommys With Cancer. I hope that the advancement of treatments and expansion of interventions will greatly impact survival rates, reduce the ill effects of treatments as well as translate into affordable care. Until that time, Mommys With Cancer will remain a haven for women in their time of need.

How can people get involved? Who can volunteers contact?
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To get involved or volunteer, please contact Marta Blum at marta@mommyswithcancer.org.



Date: 12 Aug, 2015

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Date: 12 Aug, 2015

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