#BCSM After Hours

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One of the hallmarks of this community is the support they provide for each other. If someone on twitter sends out a message tagged with #BCSM, it usually opens the door for advice and support. The tweet can be as simple as “I’m starting chemotherapy today and I’m scared #BCSM” – that sounds the alarm.

If you are on twitter and notice someone needs help, don’t keep it to yourself! Send out a tweet tagging anyone and everyone you know in the community. For example: “Hello @SueSmith, @MaryJones – @JaneDoe has a question / needs support #BCSM”

As the community grows, we realize not everyone is active on twitter, and none of us can patrol twitter 24/7. If you need advice, support, or just a virtual hug, BCSM After Hours can provide that. Just activate the signal, and an email will be sent out to those who have volunteered to be of service. If you’re interested in receiving these emails, please sign up!

BCSM After Hours is not intended to be used for any medical advice. In the event of an emergency, contact your physician or emergency services such as 911. This community service is not staffed as a hotline – responses may be delayed.

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Disclaimer: #BCSM does not provide medical advice. The information provided is for general information only. No online site should be used as a substitute for personal medical attention.