#BCSM 2017 Wrap Up

19 December 2017

During the last chat of the year, we remembered and honored those who are no longer with us. In addition, #BCSM co-founder @stales reviewed the top breast cancer stories, from January through December.

January: Third of Breast Cancer Patients Treated Unnecessarily

February: Dense Breasts Eclipse All Other Known Breast Cancer Risk Factors

March: 9 Deaths are Linked to Rare Breast Cancer From Implants

April: Doctors Divided on When to Start Mammograms

May: Just One Alcoholic Drink per Day Increases Breast Cancer Risk, Exercise Lowers Risk

June: Women With Aggressive Breast Cancer are Living Longer

July: Study Sheds Light on the “Other” Breast Cancer Genes

August: Sequenced Treatment Making Inroads in Her2 Positive Early Breast Cancer

September: 6 Surprising Things that can Improve Breast Cancer Treatment

October: Global Study Finds 72 New Breast Cancer Genes

November: Breast Cancer May Return Even 20 Years Later

December: Birth Control May Increase Breast Cancer Risk

Medical oncologist Dr. Stephanie Graff tweeted out a great summary:

Some of the lessons learned in 2017:

And finally, hopes for 2018:

Happy Holidays to the entire #BCSM Community! Please join us in 2018 – chats resume Monday 1/8/2018 at 9pm ET.


Millie Elia

Date: 19 Dec, 2017

Lats night for the first time I was able to make a twitter #bcsm chat. Loved the camaraderie and wonderful worthwhile conversation's. Plan on coming back routinely in 2018 !