Assessing Quality of Life and Collateral Damage

We’re pleased to have Dr. Susan Love, Chief Visionary Officer of Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, as our guest for Monday’s #BCSM chat. As many of you know, much of Dr. Love’s research is geared towards looking at environmental and other causes of breast cancer, searching for ways to prevent breast cancer from developing, and assessing the effects of breast cancer treatments. The Health of Women [HOW] Study™ is a huge initiative collecting data about health, treatment, and side effects – all are encouraged to participate, whether or not they have had a cancer diagnosis. According to Dr. Love, “The more data we collect, the more the results will reflect the general population, as well as allowing us to understand risk factors for specific segments of the population. Ultimately we’re looking for clues as to what causes breast cancer and how to prevent it”.

The Quality of Life Questionnaire is the latest part of the study, looking to assess the real impact of cancer treatments. Women with and without cancer are included, because when evaluating side effects from treatment, one goal is to try to sort out what might be part of the normal aging process or related to other diseases, and what problems are specifically related to the cancer treatment.

Please join us for what should be a very informative discussion with a true pioneer in the field of breast cancer research.


Health of Women Study and Collateral Damage 

Health of Women Study Quality of Life Questionnaire