9/8/14 #BCSM Chat: Cancer Retreats – Real and Symbolic

Monday on #BCSM : Cancer Retreats — The Real and Symbolic.

We’ll all return Monday night after a break from our weekly chats. Sometimes it’s essential for all of us to take mental and even physical breaks from cancer. We know that women with Stage IV can’t literally do so. I will always be in treatment, for example, but the need to take “cancer breaks” for me is just as important, if not more so, than before. So we’ll address the concept of a cancer retreat from all angles — the emotional, the physical and spiritual, as well as the actual cancer retreats that you can attend to connect with others and learn more about healing from cancer.

1) How do you define a “cancer break”? What kind of a break works best for you?

2) What kind of benefits did you notice? What did you learn that you can apply to your healing?

3) Have you ever attended a cancer retreat? Would you recommend it for others? Which one?

We’ll look forward to seeing you Monday night at 9pm ET / 6pm PT!

Many good wishes.
~ Jody