Guest Post: Lori on the #BCSM Community

On March 26, we lost another of our own – Ms. Donna Peach. (Donna is the one on the right, with the beautiful scarf…) Deanna Attai, Carmen Gonzalez and I attended her memorial service and despite the tears, it was as beautiful and energetic as Donna was. And as Deanna expresses so elegantly … all […]

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Endocrine Therapy Side Effects – Your Input Requested!

A bit of crowdsourcing help, please! I’m giving a talk at the upcoming The American Society of Breast Surgeons Annual Meeting – the tittle is: “Endocrine Therapy Side Effects and Treatment of Side Effects- What the Literature Says, What Your Patients are Saying” Long title, I know! But I’m going to cover the reported side effects of […]

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Unique Opportunity for Patients and Advocates!

Here is a unique opportunity for patients to have their voices heard, BEFORE a clinical trial gets approved. Many thanks to Dr. Julie Gralow (@jrgralow) from the University of Washington for asking for advice from our community.  Patient Survey Regarding Follow-up of Early Stage Breast Cancer   We are seeking patient input through this survey […]

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Respect the Hashtag
On: Apr 8, 2013

The #BCSM Community continues to grow and expand its reach each and every day.  With this increased exposure and use, now’s a great time to review some twitter hashtag basics and best practices for engaging with the #BCSM Community. The #BCSM Community has grown from a simple conversation on Twitter to a global support community.  […]

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A Standing Ovation for Donna Peach
On: Apr 7, 2013
By: JodyMS

Earlier this week we received news of the death of Donna Peach from metastatic breast cancer.  We’re reminded again that life is a gift and what a gift Donna was to so many, through her life, her blog and virtual communities.  This morning Deanna writes about these very real, very meaningful relationships. Read here…

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